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Not all people are brought up by their parents in the bosom of the Orthodox Church from childhood. Many come to church at a conscious age – this is when they face many questions related to the rites and traditions of the Orthodox faith.

In The Nativity of the Mother of God Orthodox Church, those who are only taking their first steps on the path to the Lord are always welcomed. This section of our website is designed to help beginners confidently step on the road of Orthodoxy.
About the participation of the faithful in the Eucharist (Communion)
Eucharist is the main Sacrament of the Church, established by the Lord Jesus Christ on the eve of His saving sufferings, death on the cross, and resurrection. Participation in the Eucharist and the Communion of the Body and Blood of Christ is the commandment of the Savior, through His disciples, telling all Christians: "Take, eat: this is My Body" and "drink from it all, for this is My Blood of the New Testament" (Matt. 26, 26-28). The Church itself is the Body of Christ, and therefore the Sacrament of the Body and Blood of Christ visibly reveals the mystical nature of the Church, building the church community.
The spiritual life of an Orthodox Christian is unthinkable without the communion of the Holy Mysteries. By partaking in the Holy Gifts, believers are sanctified by the power of the Holy Spirit and unite with Christ the Savior and with each other, making up the one Body of Christ.
The sacrament of the Eucharist requires special preparation for it. In the Church, time itself - whether it is the time of human life or the history of all mankind - is expectation and preparation for meeting with Christ, and the whole rhythm of liturgical life is waiting and preparing for the Divine Liturgy and, accordingly, for communion, for which it is performed.
About the need to attend the temple of God
Today, many believers do not often come to church, attending the temple only occasionally, on major holidays, and thinking that this is enough. However, by this they deprive themselves of a great deal - since the Church is Heaven on earth; the worship performed in it is angelic work. According to the teachings of the Church, when visiting the temple of God, Christians receive a blessing that contributes to a success in all their good undertakings. There are many reasons why you should visit the temple as often as possible.
About temple behavior
As we gather in the temple of God, we expect the Holy Spirit to descend on us. This happens, unless we ourselves put obstacles, and if we open our hearts to God and unite in the temple prayer with other parishioners. That is why it is so important to behave in the temple of God in accordance with the holiness and grandeur of this place. How is the temple arranged and how to behave in it? Read more...
On the bow and sign of the cross
Particular attention should be paid to the correctness of bows and signs of the cross, since in the Orthodox tradition these actions are of great importance, helping a person to find God's grace and protect themselves from demonic temptations.
Your first prayers
Prayer is a meeting of a person with God, a dialogue with Him. You can pray to the Lord in your own words, turning to Him for help or with gratitude throughout the day. But there are also prayers in the Church Slavonic language, composed in ancient times by holy people. They help us learn prayers and tune in fellowship with the Lord. And, besides, such prayers allow the parishioners of the temple to pray together, uniting their souls in a conciliar appeal to God. Here are the texts of several of the most important prayers for the Orthodox Christian.